Guidance on the use of bearing bearings in conveyor design

Bearing bearings (called bearings in the South, bearings in the North) in the conveyor belt design is an indispensable material item. Although there are countless different bearing models, in fact when we design a conveyor, we only use a few basic bearing codes. Below, Viet Phat Conveyor belts list a few commonly used bearing codes in conveyor design, introduce the main differences between those bearing lines, and also guide how to read the code, how to calculate the diameter. bearing bearings right from the product code, to better support you to choose the correct bearing code in the design of the conveyor belt.


Types of bearings commonly used in conveyor design


In conveyor belt design, we mainly use only a few bearing bearing codes: UCF, UCFL, UCP, UCT. There are many other bearing codes, you want to find out you can download the product catalog of Asahi Seiko at the end of this article with full specifications for each product line. The main features of the popular bearing lines in conveyor design are as follows:


UCF: 04 key flange bearings

UCFL: Bearing flange bearing with 02 locking pins

UCP: Bearing bearings in the base form 02 locking pins

UCT: Bearing bearings used in conveyor racing tanks


Below are the illustrations for each line of bearings for your reference:















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