Rubber conveyor belts are commonly used in Vietnam, especially in heavy industries such as mining, cement production, warehouse or animal feed processing industry.

Rubber conveyor belt design fabricated at Viet Phat Conveyor Factory. Rubber conveyor belts that require an even, glossy, and odorless black surface are good quality rubber belts

Professional conveyor units often have tools to test the quality of purchased rubber conveyor belts. However, not all customers have these tools. How to check the quality of rubber conveyor belts without tools? Viet Phat Conveyors share with you some characteristics of good quality rubber conveyor belts so that you can check the product quality for yourself when buying rubber conveyor products as follows:


Mặt dây băng tải cao su cần phẵng, nhẵn, màu đen đều và bóng mượt, không có các vết rạn


Good quality rubber conveyor pendants are usually smooth, flat, without cracks or pits;

The color of the conveyor belt is black, smooth and glossy;

The edge thickness of the rubber conveyor belt must be uniform in thickness and without cracks;

Rubber conveyors often have a slight burnt odor. However, this burning smell is noticed carefully. If the smell of rubber belts is strong, it means that the rubber belt material has not been treated well;


Các lớp bố của băng tải cao su chính là khả năng chịu kéo giãn của băng tải cao su, còn gọi là chỉ số EP


The bureaucratic layers are related to the EP index of the belt and bear the tension of the belt. Father fibers are usually tough, firm. Usually the thicker the layer, the greater the EP number, but not absolutely. The tensile ability of rubber belt conveyor belt also depends on the twist, the toughness, the elasticity of the woven fibers that make up the layer;

Elasticity, wear resistance, tensile force … of the conveyor belt related to the quality of the rubber layer. It is possible to test the quality of the rubber layer by using a razor to cut a small square thread, about 2mm x 2mm in size. Then stretch the rubber yarn until it breaks. The higher the quality rubber conveyor belt, the greater the tension ratio of the rubber yarn before breaking.


Băng tải cao su lòng máng trong công nghiệp khai khoáng do Băng Tải Việt Phát cung cấp


Rubber conveyor belts have a number of imported lines, mainly from China, Korea, and Japan with used conveyor belts.


If there are some specific technical requirements such as heat-resistant rubber conveyor belts, oil-resistant rubber belts … basically, some Chinese rubber conveyor belts are of very good quality, no less than Korea, and The price is usually much softer.


Old Japanese rubber conveyor belts also account for a part of the market and are also quite popular. The price of the old Japanese rubber conveyor belt is usually the same as that of the new Chinese rubber conveyor belt, but it is also quite unlucky in quality. Sometimes, when bought, they have to change because the goods are too old. Sometimes when purchased, the use life is two to three times higher than that of Chinese rubber conveyor belts that are newly purchased.


Kho băng tải cao su hàng tồn của Băng Tải Việt Phát


Viet Phat conveyor belts provide Chinese, Korean and old Japanese rubber conveyor belts. Contact Sales Department: 0912.136.739


Processing rubber conveyor belts at the Viet Phat Conveyor Mechanical Factory


Viet Phat Conveyors also provide design and fabrication services for whole rubber belts, and often have a price advantage when directly dealing with rubber belts and conveyor accessories. Contact Technical Department: 093.323.5588.


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