How is it for durability of stainless steel seafood eye-link mesh belt?

The fisheries and seafood processing industry uses a variety of mesh chains, also known as aquatic mesh chain conveyors, whose specialized English name is Eye-link Mesh Belt.


Băng tải xích lưới inox thủy sản

Stainless steel mesh chain conveyor

Due to the use of conveyors in the fishery industry, much exposure to the water environment, most of the chain chain conveyors use stainless steel 304 stainless steel. With high quality imported goods, manufacturers using specially refined stainless steel material SUS 304. For example: company Kansai – Japan.

Currently, a number of specialized factories directly produce this line of marine chain chain conveyors, including Viet Phat Conveyor. Components of stainless steel mesh chain conveyor from stainless steel 304 stainless steel hook. The above illustration is a 304 stainless steel chain for seafood chain production, hooking by automatic stamping machine. dedicated at Viet Phat Conveyor Mechanical Workshop. In Vietnam, this stainless steel mesh chain conveyor product line mainly uses the 50mm chain step, ie the distance from the center to the center of the hook at the ends of the hook 50mm. Belt sprocket is also designed in this 50mm chain, mainly material lines: plastic, steel, stainless steel.

With this line of specialized seafood conveyor belts, the real durability of the conveyors is not in the bowl, in the drive towing company, but in the locating company weld and the belt hook. The figure below depicts the position of the weld holding the inox locator and the stainless steel hook, which is also a key point related to the durability of the stainless steel mesh chain conveyor.

Regarding the durability of the stainless steel mesh chain conveyor used for this seafood and seafood processing industry, there are some factors that determine the quality, longevity and durability of the conveyor belt:


– Quality stainless steel 304;

– Quality of weld;

– Number of positioning companies.


Viet Phat Conveyor Belt is a specialized importer of machines for hooking and welding, ensuring superior weld quality. As for the quality of stainless steel, because of its domestic production, Viet Phat Conveyor also only imports materials from major material markets like other seafood chain conveyor manufacturers in Vietnam. superior, and unable to compare the quality and uniformity of stainless steel products manufacturing products with international manufacturers such as Kansai, Cambridge, Ashworth or Twente Belt.

Viet Phat Conveyors produce 02 types of stainless steel mesh chain conveyors. One type has only 1 positioning company, the price is cheaper in terms of both production materials and processing costs, but the durability is not equal to the two positioning companies. You see the illustrations. In case you use the conveyor belt in the IQF freezing system, there is a change in temperature, the durability of the conveyor also depends on the material uniformity between the locator and the hook, 304 stainless steel in Vietnam. Male does not meet this quality standard, it is very easy and very quick to open the weld due to temperature changes. You should import genuine products from the above international carriers. To buy Japan Kansai stainless steel conveyor products, you can contact Viet Phat Conveyor belt: 0912136739 – 0933235588. Also using common seafood conveying applications, you can use the chain conveyor belt produced in water to save costs. Viet Phat Conveyor Belt is one of the direct manufacturers of this series seafood chain chain conveyor.

In the seafood production environment of seafood processing factories in Vietnam, this stainless steel mesh chain conveyor usually processes plastic wheels, stainless steel wheels on both sides of the conveyor belt to slide on PE or HDPE plastic braces. The conveyor belt width is from 700mm or more, so the rows of strengthened bowls should be reinforced along the conveyor belt.

In some cases, the value of mesh chain conveyor strength at the weld of the locating company and the hook is less, mainly in two cases: 1. The horizontal step position along the width of the belt, the hooks are arranged closely picture above. In this case, there may be no need for geolocation; 2. Instead of locating company, stainless steel yarn manufacturer straightens and pulls to locate the belt hook. You see the two illustrations below.


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