How long is the maximum length of a plastic flat top chain conveyor?

Plastic flat top chain conveyor’s max length


Many mechanical designers or contact Viet Phat Conveyors, ask about the maximum allowable length of a cluster, or a line of plastic chain conveyors. Plastic chain conveyor is the main conveyor line for bottle loading, widely used in the beer, alcohol and beverage industry. Because the bottle size is usually standard, so the plastic chain conveyor belts also often have international standards, the product codes of the plastic chain conveyor products will follow that international standard.


Curved 880 K325 flat top chain



As a result, a plastic chain conveyor line usually only has a certain length. Over that length, one has to pass through a new line, and convey bottle loading products with a guide rail.


The standard length of plastic chain conveyors is usually no more than 09 meters. Designing conveyors beyond this length will lead to chain breakage or chain jump on active roller. The maximum length of plastic chain conveyors is usually also listed in the product catalogs of these conveyors. The picture below is copied from the Viet Phat Conveyor catalog, the specifications for the 820 K325 straight line plastic chain conveyor is 09 meters.



With curved plastic chain conveyors, for example the 880 TAB K325 conveyor line, the maximum length of each line is also 09 meters, but depending on the designer, the conveyor belt 880 TAB K325 often has curves. 90 degrees, 180 degrees. Taking the ideal standard, each design of the conveyor belt bends 90 degrees should subtract the maximum length of 1 meter. In case of reluctance or force majeure in the design, 0.5 meters must be deducted, but that also affects the life of the conveyor belt.


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