How to compute the minimum diameter of PVC belt conveyor shalf?

How to compute the minimum diameter of PVC belt conveyor shalf?


When designing PVC conveyor belts, usually we must adhere to the minimum diameter specifications that apply to each PVC conveyor line. Usually this specification is related to belt thickness.


The following table is the most basic standard applicable to most common PVC conveyor belts. You notice that this is the tape core thickness. For example, the matte PVC conveyor belt is 5mm, actually the core thickness is only 2.5mm, and the rest is the design of the PVC belt. The specification table for the minimum diameter of roller roller for the PVC conveyor belt should be from 55mm to 60mm.


We must adhere to this criterion when designing conveyors. The simple reason is that when we design the conveyor belt with the passive and active roller which is smaller than the required minimum diameter, the PVC conveyor belt when in operation will crack and quickly break the belt connection due to the separation force. the center of the belt hugs the shaft.


Minimum diameter of active and passive roller roller common PVC conveyor


When gluing conveyor flange, also called conveyor vane, for PVC conveyor, minimum roller diameter requirement increases. The reason is that the PVC conveyor vane vane leg is thermally pressed to the surface of the belt, when hugging the shaft, it will crack the legs, peel off the press joint if not ensure the minimum roller diameter.


Technical Data Sheet below Viet Phat Conveyor shares with you the conveyor belt design, providing you with the minimum roller diameter parameters when designing PVC conveyors with vane presses.


Minimum diameter of roller drums passive and active PVC conveyor with flanges or vane


You pay attention to the product code, sometimes different suppliers name different PVC conveyor flap and vane product names. Code names in the data sheet above are just the most common model names. However, you can interpolate from the bezel and vane specifications you are using to the ghost corresponding to the data sheet above to find out the minimum roller diameter applicable to your conveyor.


Guide to read the technical reference of conveyor and belts of Viet Phat Conveyor’s online tech liberary in Vietnamese


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