Notice of temporary closure of Viet Phat Conveyor office for the Wuhan flu epidemic

Ho Chi Minh City, March 27, 2020


To: The Customers of Viet Phat Conveyor Joint Stock Company

To: The departments and the entire CB-CVN Viet Phat Conveyor Joint Stock Company



Viet Phat Conveyor Joint Stock Company is to announce:


Due to the pandemic Wuhan nCovi virus is developing unpredictably in Ho Chi Minh City, now the Board of Directors of Viet Phat Conveyor Joint Stock Company respectfully inform all customers and all public employees. The company’s employees decide to temporarily suspend the company’s operations during the translation season, the main contents are as follows:


Viet Phat Conveyor Office is temporarily closed from March 28, 2020, expected to end April 12, 2020, and will continue to extend the office closure depending on the epidemic situation in the city. . Ho Chi Minh.

Customers working remotely, please contact the following hotline of Viet Phat Conveyor: 0912.136.739 – 0919.687.733 – 0933.323.5588 – 0902.519.906.

For new customer orders, Viet Phat Conveyors still provide remote technical consulting services, but please be allowed to refuse to accept delivery orders during the above anti-epidemic time.

For traditional Viet Phat Conveyor belts, Viet Phat Conveyors will continue to deliver, but will suspend direct deliveries. Delivery operations will be performed via VietStar express delivery company. Additional costs incurred by using VietStar express delivery service will be covered by Viet Phat Conveyor.

For traditional customers of Viet Phat Conveyor belts whose technical skills are required to compare samples, please schedule an appointment with the relevant department of Viet Phat Conveyor. We reserve the right to refuse to accept all customers who do not wear masks, even with an appointment. We protect ourselves, we also protect you. I hope you understand!

Viet Phat Conveyor Sales Department stopped accepting new processing orders within 01 month, and waited for the next disease situation and the decision of the Board of Directors.

The Viet Phat Conveyor Belt Factory Department only continues to process and fabricate signed and scheduled orders. Depending on the order situation, the foreman allows the workers to take a break from having to work alternately and locally. Workers must strictly comply with the company’s epidemiological safety regulations during the translation. Reported violations will result in severe disciplinary action and will result in disciplinary action that exceeds the usual framework.

Staff of Viet Phat Conveyor Branch office do not have to come to the office to prevent epidemics, still undertake daily work remotely as possible, ensuring absolute smooth communication by phone and internet. . All reasons for information interruption, if not due to the information infrastructure supply failure from the network operator, will not be accepted.

During the pause of translation, the Board of Directors of Viet Phat Conveyors guarantees 100% salary income for all employees, maximum period of 06 months. In case the translation break is longer than 06 months, the Board of Directors will negotiate with the staff to share the burden of the season with the company.

Viet Phat Conveyor Joint Stock Company hopes that our customers sympathize with the inconveniences occurring during the epidemic season. The Board of Directors of Viet Phat Conveyor Joint Stock Company hopes that all Viet Phat Conveyors employees, even if they do not go to the office, still maintain their style, discipline, and ensure the highest possible service. customers, and ensure the health of themselves and their families during the epidemic season.


We all believe that we will quickly overcome a pandemic and the severe economic consequences it will bring.


Best regards!


Viet Phat Conveyor Joint Stock Company

On Behalf of General Director

Vice Director

Pham Phuong Anh

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