Auxiliary structures in the conveyor system

Conveyor system design or accompanying auxiliary systems, especially with production systems related to automation equipment. Some auxiliary systems can be listed as follows: handrail, staircase, flyover, support table, waiting table, operation table, suspension light frame, warning system, fence …



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Auxiliary structures in the conveyor system


When designing the conveyor belt system, according to the requirements of the factory, it is very often that the conveyor belt design units undertake the design of the accompanying auxiliary systems. It is possible to list a few auxiliary systems such as handrail, staircase, flyover, support table, waiting table, operating table, suspension light frame, warning system, fence …


mesh chain conveyor
The stainless steel mesh chain conveyor is designed by Viet Phat Conveyor for Kinh Do factory, in the design with overpass attached to the conveyor.
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Especially, when the units using the conveyor system need to link with imported automation equipment, often a lot of auxiliary structures arise. The reason is that importing the entire production line from abroad is very expensive and the investment cost is very high. Instead of importing entire production lines from abroad, factories using the current system usually only import genuine automation equipment. The rest, consisting of connecting conveyor systems, auxiliary structures, PLC programming for the system, etc., mostly use domestic service providers.


In essence, the current capacity of supplying the entire conveyor system, the auxiliary connection system, the programming automation capacity of professional conveyor companies in Vietnam is not inferior to that of foreign companies. . Sometimes it happens quite funny, that customers just because … do not trust the local service provider, they hire a foreign company with a representative in Vietnam to design consulting. Those companies only have one or two western men in their names, and they give technical presentations to customers. The technical engineers we followed, known as the translator, actually presented the 100% whole solution, because the western men did not know anything. All are designed by Vietnamese people with technical solutions and proposals. And still have to pay a decent fee for those westerners. Very unworthy.


pvc conveyor
The green PVC conveyor belt climbed the slope, the belt created the frame of the box with the horizontal vane and the ears. Products designed by Viet Phat Conveyor.
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Vietnamese people only lose to foreign companies in terms of equipment quality in automated systems, and up to now, almost zero in automation equipment.


In fact, it is hard to blame, because the Vietnamese people’s outrageous thinking is too deep. Basically, Viet Phat Conveyor belts dare to affirm that, in terms of design capacity, technical ability, professional Vietnamese conveyor companies are not inferior to foreign companies. And they can always design more flexibly, more in line with the customer’s requirements, including the auxiliary structures in the above conveyor system.


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