Viet Phat Conveyor JSC is designed for electronic assembly conveyor belt system with components from roller conveyor system, chain conveyor, PLC system automatic conveyor control. Above the conveyor belt, there are supporting lights, fans, instructions for assembly operations.




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Bicycle assembling conveyor system, designed for 10 workers, can be mass-produced for bicycle factories with approximately 100 assembling lines.


A aicycle assembling conveyor system consists of 04 interconnected conveyors, including 02 chain conveyors, 02 roller conveyors, and 90-degree-changing-direction roller.


Technical drawing for the bycicle assembling line of Viet Phat Conveyor JSC.


If lower invest costs, this 04 conveyor system can be replaced by the free-style roller conveyors under the stainless steel plate of the assembly operation table. But in this case, workers will have to handle by hand, pushing the bycicle by manual manipulation from a worker to another.


When designed with geared motor and motorized chain conveyor and motorized roller conveyor, Viet Phat Conveyor integrates automation system, PLC controlled, forming a unified automated conveyor system. When in the whole line all workers have completed their part of assembling job, the PLC controls system, and automatically command the whole operating system to convey the assembling table plate from one person to the next one.


Bycicle assembling line with free-style roller conveyors.


Pneumatic valves in the system of the plant will be directed to each worker position in the assembling conveyor line.


With this bycicle assembling conveyor system, customers often ask Viet Phat Conveyors JSC to design the entire two-way automation system. Two-way operation with PLC automatic conveyor control will be much more convenient for their production arrangement.


Because it is an assembly conveyor system, there is always a light  hanging  frame above it. Viet Phat Conveyor JSC put in cool fans for air circulation of each worker. The lights and fans can be switched on and off, independently, with an ON/OFF switch for each worker.


In front of each worker, there is a hanger for A4 size paper for assembling instructions. The side of each chain conveyor wall can hang flexible and detachable trays to hold assembling components.


If you are interested in this automated conveyor, for more details, you can contact the technical department of Viet Phat Conveyor JSC, hotline: 093.323.5588.

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