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The concept of chain conveyor can actually be divided in many other ways. That is according to the properties and applications of the conveyor belt.


Viet Phat Conveyor JSC herebelow classify chain conveyors according to the belt material. It can basically be divided into the following chain conveyor belts:


  • Conveyor mesh belt;
  • Plastic flat top chain (K series);
  • Stainless steel flat top chain (K series);
  • Plate belt;
  • Motorized roller conveyor;
  • Side-flexing flexible chain;
  • Rod chain belt.


The above listed items are in accordance with the frequency applications.


Conveyor mesh belt


Conveyor mesh belt is a line of stainless steel wire mesh belt. It is driven by side chain.


This conveyor side chain usually runs the chain codes C2042, C2052, C2062, C2082. Chain codes C2042, C2052, C2062, C2082 have roller with a greater diameter than the chain thickness. Its application is to slide on guide rail, rolling to reduce friction.



Conveyor mesh belt are also available without side chain. It has direct sprockets to drive the belt.


This kind of mesh belt, also called DDK2 belt, are usually imported. The cost is much more expensive than Vietnam locally produced mesh belt. It is usually only the application of IQF freezing systems. Or it operates in the frying process, which requires minimal mechanical structure.


In regards with food safety conveyors, the minimal mechanical structure of the conveyor belt is one of the evaluation criteria.


For more details on mesh belt, please see the below link:


Mesh chain conveyors.


Plastic flat top chain (K series)


This flat top chain is also called K series plastic chain, because in the item code there is always the letter K. The numbers after the letter K represent the standard width of the flat top chain.


If you flip over the chain, the item code is printed on the back side of the chain. Standard pitch for all kinds of flat top chain is 38.1mm.



The most popular width in the K325 series is 82.6mm. The number after the K letter stands for the chain width. K250 = 63.5mm. K325 = 82.6mm. K400 = 101.6mm. K450 = 114.3mm. K600 = 152.4mm. K750 = 190.5mm. K1000 = 254mm.


Each kind of standard width is divided into two types. One is straight running type. The other is curved type.


The straight running code is 820. The curve code is 880.



Example: Item code 820 K325 shows the line of plastic chain conveyor, running straight, with the width of 82.6 mm.


Flat top chain is used to load plastic bottles. Most of its applications are in alcohol and beverage industry. Please do not use flat top chain to convey glass bottle or in high termperate working environments.


If you are still in need more information about this flat top chain, you can call hotline in Vietnam: 0912.136.739. Or you can check out with more details at the following link:


Plastic flat top chain 820 K325 in Vietnam


Stainless steel flat top chain (K series)



In fact, the stainless steel flat top chain is only the other type of above-mentioned plastic flat top chain K series.


This series also has the standard pitch of 38.1mm. The same is applied to all kind of flat top chain. There is no difference in this chain pitch.




This specification is so general that many manufacturers do not mention it in their technical data sheet.


The difference is only in the standard width of the K series. That is the standard width of the chain. The same as above-mentioned. K250 = 63.5mm. K325 = 82.6mm. K400 = 101.6mm. K450 = 114.3mm. K600 = 152.4mm. K750 = 190.5mm. K1000 = 254mm.


In the item code, 812 is a straight running, and 881 is a curved running.


Example: Item code 812 K325 shows straight running stainless steel flat top chain, with width of 82.6mm.


Application of stainless steel flat top chain is mainly in glass bottle conveying system, or in high temperature environment.


Plate belt


Plate belt is made of carbon stell or stainless steel.


The plate belt used to be imported from overseas. Currently, it can be produced locally in Vietnam.



The standard chain pitch of this conveyor belt is 31.75mm, 38.1mm and 50.8mm. Equivalent to the driving chains C2052, C2062 and C2082.


The material of the conveyor plate is carbon steel or 304 stainless steel.


The plate chain can be designed with flight. It can be also perforated.


Side-flexing flexible chain


Side-flexing flexible chain is more advanced than the plastic above-mentioned flat top chain.



It is also called fish-bone chain. It allows much smaller minimum R than that of the 880 plastic flat top chain.


For example, an 880 series flat top chain requires a minimum radius of 510mm. The flexible chain can operate well with a radius of 170mm. Usually we make R = 200mm. It is to operated more smoothly.



Side-flexing flexible chain is widely used in dairy factories, canned food factories. Because of its main use in food processing industries, this chain is mostly in white.


Find out more details at: Side-flexing flexible chain.


Rod chain belt


Rod chain belt does not have specific name. In Vietnam we call it rod chain belt. We have no standard specification of this kind of chain. We just make it. We fabricate it. And it is made depending on the conveyor applications we are manufacturing.



Its operating principle is also quite simple. Two dring chain on two sides, driven by coaxial sprockets. They are loaded by reducer motor.


Between those two side chains, we make horizontal rods. Rod density depends on the size of conveying products.


Chain conveyors are used for conveying products in round shape. Such as eggs, fruit, plastic balls…


Because of its application, the rod chain belt is the main part of the fruit washing equipment in Vietnam.


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