Conveyor belt LBP 882M

LBP 882M plastic chain conveyor is a typical plastic chain conveyor, on the conveyor surface with plastic rollers, supporting conveying, reducing friction, used in many stages of bottled beverage production lines. soft drinks, beer, food, and carton loading operations in food processing plants.




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Conveyor Belt Viet Phat introduces you to plastic chain conveyor LBP 882M. This series of plastic chain conveyor can run straight and curved. When designing and using this line of plastic chain conveyors, the curvature in the conveyor system is a magnetically bent muscle (usually with a casting strength magnet submerged in a bent muscle, ordered overseas.)


Catalog conveyor belt plastic LBP 882M


According to technical standards, this particular line of plastic chain conveyors has 03 wide versions: K750, K1000, K1200, corresponding to the same width in millimeters: 190.5mm, 254mm and 3.4.8mm, respectively.


Sample conveyor belt plastic LBP 882M K1200 at Viet Phat Conveyor warehouse
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Applications of this LBP 882M plastic chain conveyor belt are many, especially in the production lines of soft drinks, alcohol, bottled water, food processing … in heavy loading, heavy loading and waiting stages. conveyed not only by the conveyor motor, but also by the bottle pushing mechanism together. Meanwhile, the roller system on the conveyor surface minimizes the conveyor friction.


On the two sides of the LBP 882M conveyor belt, goods exist in Viet Phat Conveyor
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Inventory conveyor LBP 882M at Viet Phat warehouse
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Application of LBP 882M plastic chain conveyor is also in the carton loading stages after the bottles have been boxed.


Roller surface conveyor running straight
The barrel conveyor, also adopts plastic roller chain conveyor, but the system runs straight
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Viet Phat Conveyor also introduces a number of roller-top plastic chain conveyors with straight and curved applications below for your reference. For specific technical advice, you can contact Viet Phat Conveyor Technology Department: 0933235588 – 0912136739.


roller conveyor
Belt conveyor 03 track roller, running curve, wide version K1200, similar application but cheaper than LBP 882M K1200
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state the roller top
Roller surface conveyor runs straight, curved, wide range specifications
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roller conveyor
The lower surface of the conveyor roller, there can be 01 chain towing track, there can be 02 chain pulling tracks, called a double hinge.
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Roller-top plastic chain conveyor LBP

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