Conveyor for pressing scrap paper

Paper scrap pressing conveyor, steel ribs, bowl clamp chain, mounted flat steel plate to create conveyor surface, mounting steel edge to load material on the slope, a part of conveyor negative floor surface



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This conveyor line is relatively common, can be called processed sheet steel conveyor, is a normal conveyor frame structure, driven by chain-mounted slug chain to pull the machining flat steel plate to create the conveyor surface. .


The conveyor side can mount the material vane rails up the slope or other application accessories. The video below describes the application of machined flat steel conveyor belt, the application for loading paper scrap into the press, partly on the underfloor conveyor.


This type of conveyor has many different applications. For the durability of the conveyors, cast chain chain drives can be used, often imported. To produce a conveyor belt to save investment costs, we use the chain to process the pulling bowl in the country.


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