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Viet Phat Conveyor JSC shares with you the article about conveyor rollers. The article mention about common conveyor roller, how to manufacture, specifications, material, and how to choose and evaluate the quality of conveyor rollers.




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Rollers are important accessory in most kinds of conveyors. Especially for roller conveyors.



How many kinds of roller conveyor?


In regards with roller conveyors, Viet Phat Conveyors Joint Stock Company have shared detailed articles at the links below. The mentioned content is including straight, curved, free-style and motorized roller conveyors.


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Viet Phat workshop directly fabricates the rollers. We make idle and driving rollers shalf. We make also the all kind of supporting rollers, with all required specifications and required materials.



How to choose a roller?


Conveyor loading


The required load on a conveyor system will determin the roller’s thickness and diameter. Usually, roller now has common standards diameters of 42mm, 49mm and 60mm.


Rollers with larger or smaller diameter are produced up on special requests.



Working environment


The working environment wher the roller is used determines the material the roller is made of. Usually the roller is made of carbon steel. However, if the environment is with water or chemical, the roller can be made of stainless steel 201 or 304.


The working environment also determines the material used for conveyor body, such as frame, legs, and supporting structure.




Bearing in rollers


The conveyor roller is supporting use. The rotation speed of the roller is not much fast. It is unlike other mechanical devices rotation speed. So it is possible to use normal bearings for cost-effective production. There is no need to use expensive high-brand bearings.


However, processing the bearing seal should be good, with a specialized equipment. Bearing will quickly deteriorate when dirt gets inside.


Two ends of roller


Some unprofessional workshop makes roller manually without equipment. If the two ends of roller is processed manually, the roller is only used in light, low intensity applications.



Need specialized equipments. Professional conveyor manufaturers all have this specialized equipment.


To order satisfactory conveyor rollers, please contact Viet Phat Conveyor JSC. Hotline numbers: 0912.136.739 / 0919.68.77.33.

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