Conveyors are 90 degrees of the wood industry

In many industries, including the wood industry, due to many large size, flat, plate and plate conveyor products, conveyors such as Viet Phat Conveyor do not use PVC curved Because the conveyor belt’s bend width is very large. Instead, they applied automation to make 90-degree navigation roller conveyors.



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90 degree directional transmission roller conveyor with integrated automation sensor


90 degree directional transmission roller conveyor using the drive roller conveyor system and the belt hoist system, integrated automation sensor, is used a lot in the industry , especially the wood and home appliances industry.

An automated conveyor system designed and manufactured by Viet Phat Conveyor, which uses a 90-degree directional roller conveyor.

automatic conveyor belts


Application of this automated conveyor belt line to redirect load products at an angle of 90 degrees without the use of PVC curved angle conveyors, and load products are usually planks, planks, meka boards, plastic with dimensions large size …


PVC conveyor belt and PVC conveyor belt


The finished loading product can also be furniture and household goods, but requires an upside-down loading plane against the conveyor belt. For example, the table top, the chair surface will turn upside down on the conveyor belt when conveying. For standing, chair feet will easily slip through conveyor rollers, and are incompatible with automated conveyor belt lifters.



Drive Roller Conveyor Kit incorporates conveyor belt lifter, 90 degree redirection, integrated sensor automatic signal reception.


The reason why it is not or very difficult to use the PVC curved angle conveyor is the large size conveyor belts, when moving the 90 degree curvature to touch the belt, and to avoid this case, the width of the 90 ° curvature belt is required very large. Sometimes the width of the PVC curl conveyor is up to 2 meters, and the outer radius of the PVC curl conveyor is up to 2.5 meters.


Conveyor design guide with 90 degree PVC curvature in Viet Phat’s Knowledge Sharing Library


The case where the curved angle PVC conveyor has a large radius is still inconvenient at the point of changing the later PVC belt. Usually you have to find the company that makes the PVC conveyor belt with curved angle to place a replacement PVC conveyor belt, because only they can have the exact drawing of the PVC belt’s workmanship and taper. Perhaps in the use of conveyor equipment, we should not be dependent on such a conveyor unit.


the automatic conveyor changes direction 90 degrees
A basic wood industry automation conveyor belt design for roller drive conveyor combined with 90 degree redirection belt conveyor, integrated automation sensor.

Instead of using PVC curved angle conveyors, in these applications, used especially in the wood processing industry and the manufacture of home appliances, professional conveyors design and manufacture units such as Viet Phat Conveyor Using roller conveyor system, combined with conveyor belt lift 90 degrees using transmission belt. This 90 degree belt drive conveyor lifter incorporates product identification automation sensors.


automatic conveyor belts
The cross-section design of the conveyor belt with the lifting arm of the belt conveyor belt conveyor 90 degree integrated automation sensor.

The conveyor belt lifter uses a drive belt that is independent and within the roller slots of the drive roller conveyor. When there is product passing drive, the conveyor belt lifter through the automation sensor automatically lifts the load product off the drive roller conveyor surface, and uses the drive belt for horizontal conveyor, angle change 90 product loading direction. At the end of the job, the belt lifter automatically descends, lower the drive roller conveyor’s surface, and gets ready for the next automated task.


automatic conveyor belts
Drive belt design in the drive belt conveyor lifter integrates automation sensing.

This 90 degree turnaround roller conveyor system with integrated automation sensor is superior to the 90 degree PVC curvature conveyor, including price, durability, application … And a The more advantage of this conveyor system is that you use a 90 degree navigation roller conveyor system with an automated conveyor sensor that will not be permanently dependent on a supplier for replacement needs. posture of PVC conveyor belt materials later after the warranty period of the conveyor design and manufacturing unit expires.


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