Conveyors for lifting and lowering

Lifting and lowering conveyor belts use most rubber belts, usually V-ribbed rubber, and then the blue PVC conveyor belt line. Viet Phat Conveyor belt in TP. Ho Chi Minh City is one of the few units specialized in conveyor belts, specializing in designing and manufacturing conveyor belts according to customers’ usage requirements, including lifting conveyor systems. Lifting conveyor for transporting goods up and down, with mobile wheels, can adjust the height of the load head by independent motor and pulley system.



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Conveyors for lifting and lowering


Lifting conveyor or is designed to use most with the line of rubber conveyor belts, usually the rubber V-ribbed to prevent back-drifting of the material load, and then to the blue PVC conveyor belt line applied for conveyors light load, not high load capacity, use not in outdoor environment.



PVC lifting conveyor
Conveyor for lifting landing two conveyor belts, running PVC tape, designed by Viet Phat Conveyor
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The frame system of lifting conveyors, especially with rubber conveyor belts, is typically continuously raised and lowered, plus the weight of transshipment, so it is often required that the frame ensures no more heavy, hard and strong. Conveyor frame of rubber lifting and lowering therefore is usually made of steel, reinforced with internal bracing system. PVC conveyor belt lifting and lowering more flexible. Depending on the using environment, the PVC conveyor belt frame can be designed to be made of 304 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, or powder coated steel, or painted steel, which usually saves costs.


rubber conveyor lifting and lowering
Rubber conveyor belts can be designed as V-ribbed rubber conveyor belts, for loading bulk cargoes, bulk cargoes …
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Normally, the wide version of the belt of the lifting conveyor belt runs from 400mm to 800mm, plus the extra cover from 100mm to 150mm. This wide version of conveyor belt design units such as Viet Phat Conveyor Belt will design according to customers’ requirements, or help customers calculate suitable width.




rubber ear bangs
Conveyors for lifting and lowering of trough rubber are designed and manufactured by Viet Phat Conveyors
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The lifting mechanism of the lifting conveyor belt is usually designed with hydraulic ben, cable winch motor (used the most), or hand-crank winch (most cost saving). The length of conveyor belt designed according to customer requirements, usually with the following common lengths: 03m, 04m, 05m, 06m, 08m, 10m, 12m. The height of the lifting and lowering is also designed depending on customer requirements, usually from 01m to 05m. More than 05m, using another conveyor system is more economical.


Lifting conveyor or mobile design, wheel mounted conveyor leg, used for loading and unloading containers, so it is sometimes called container conveyor. With lifting and lowering conveyor for the loading and unloading flow of container, sometimes the conveyor designer design connects the discharge end of the container conveyor to another roller conveyor, the structure of the pull-out roller conveyor pull in. This extended stacker roller conveyor can be a free stack roller conveyor, or a motorized drive roller conveyor. Its purpose is to assist workers in inputting and loading materials onto and unloading conveyors right inside the container. You can refer to a product of the container lifting conveyor connecting the conveyor belt conveyor below of Viet Phat Conveyor.


conveyor for lifting and lowering the container
Lifting and lowering conveyor for container cargo attached to conveyor belt conveyor system
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As mentioned above, the conveyor belt in the lifting belt has two main lines: the rubber conveyor belt and the green PVC conveyor belt, usually designed V-rib to prevent back-drifting of the material load. V-ribbed rubber conveyor belt has its own line of V-ribbed rubber conveyor belt, which is very durable, seamless. PVC conveyor belt is usually processed with heat-pressed ribs, not as durable. When designing the PVC conveyor belt, consider the slope and the possibility of backward drift of the material load. , and replacing the conveyor belt costs a lot more.


Depending on the load and required load capacity, usually the deceleration motor of the lifting conveyor has a capacity from 03HP to 07HP, electric 3-phase 220-380v, 4 poles. Depending on the design requirements of the conveyor belt to choose the gear ratio for the gearbox of the motor, usually the gear ratio runs from 1:20 to 1:50. The design of lifting conveyor should use the positive reinforcement motor design instead of the negative reinforced deceleration motor, for easy customization later. The average speed of the lifting conveyor should only design from 12m / p to 20m / p. Conveyor designers sometimes prefer to use negative-core geared motors, because they are fast, cheap, and beautiful. But in fact during later use, it is very difficult to customize the speed, change the motor is also difficult, change the gearbox is also difficult. Using a positive reducer motor if you want to change the speed of conveyor belt differently from the original design, you only need to change the sprocket of the motor and the active roller.


To buy replacement rubber belts, PVC conveyor belts, you can contact Viet Phat Conveyors, sales department, phone number 0912.136.739. To receive consulting on designing and manufacturing conveyor lines, including lifting conveyors, you can contact Viet Phat Conveyor, technical department, phone number: 0933.235.588.


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