Drying conveyor

Drying conveyors are an extended application of universal conveyors, mounting the drying box frame on the side of the conveyor and usually covering only a portion of the entire length of the conveyor. Conveyor Belt Viet Phat introduces you to the drying conveyor belt in the article below.




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Conveyor belt drying is a branch application line of conveyor system.


The general construction of the drying belt consists of one or more groups of continuous conveyors, in addition to the general conveyor structure, usually carried over a box frame with the effect of drying.


Drying conveyor
Drying conveyor belts in the Sung Ju Binh Phuoc electronic assembly line are designed and manufactured by Viet Phat Conveyors
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The frame of the drying box is usually made of 201 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel, attached to the frame, covering a section on the conveyor.


In the frame of the drying box, a resistor is usually installed for heat drying. The wall in the drying box is insulated to insulate heat, avoiding energy-consuming heat dissipation and avoiding burns for service workers. The box frame is also often fitted with a radiator venting fan.


drying conveyor
Fabrication of drying conveyor box frame at Viet Phat Conveyor Mechanical Factory
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The belt-mounted drying box frame also has many other niche applications, for example, instead of drying, install UV sterilization lights, or cooling systems, replace the drying box frame with cooling fan frame for example. There are many similar extension applications customized from conveyor drying applications.


UV sterilizer conveyor, an extended application of the drying conveyor, is designed and manufactured by Viet Phat Conveyor


Conveyor section structure of the drying conveyor belt uses conventional conveyor belts depending on the application needs of the conveyor product such as PVC conveyor, roller conveyor, rubber tael belt, PU conveyor, mesh chain conveyor. … Attention should be paid to the heat resistance of the conveyor belt when designing and manufacturing the drying conveyor.


With large drying line systems, it is possible to use a box frame covering both the outside of the conveyor belt, and the inside to run the boiler drying system to reduce operating thermal energy costs.


Due to the requirement that the loading product takes some time to pass through the drying box frame, the drying belt is usually quite slow. The drying conveyor runs slowly, so we often use the positive-reinforcement gear motor with a quite high transmission ratio, and install an inverter to control stepless speed.


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