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Static stand-in electronic assembly conveyor belts and circular tractor electronic assembly conveyors




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Electronic assembly conveyors have slightly different application requirements from conventional conveyors. Usually the conveyor line is divided into two applications: stationary stand assembly and circular motion assembly.


The conveyor belt for electronic assembly of waiting table is static, the conveyor surface is only made of three parts. Two parts are waiting tables for workers to assemble components, the middle part is a PVC surface conveyor to convey components and finished products. This conveyor belt part can design one or two floors.


Conveyor for electronic assembly of stationary stand
Belt for electronic assembly of stationary stand by Viet Phat Conveyor design and manufacture
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Stationary electronic assembly conveyor belts usually use frames made of aluminum or stainless steel. Waiting table on both sides is usually made of 304 stainless steel. From the wall of the table, there is usually a frame to hang lights, hang the instructions for assembling components, or install additional warning lights, sirens … use of customers.


Viet Phat Conveyors deliver a cluster of electronic assembly conveyors for static waiting tables, with 304 stainless steel operating table and a signboard for instructions on assembling components


Static stand-by electronic assembly conveyor belts usually run by 2mm thick green PVC conveyor belts and usually run one way. Sometimes, according to the requirements of the factory, the conveyor manufacturers design two sets of PVC conveyor belts running in opposite directions to form a two-way assembly system.


Usually each central PVC conveyor assembly is linked to an independent electrical control system. In other words, this type of system is two independent PVC conveyors running on the same frame, individually controlling each conveyor system, but located in the same control cabinet.


Circular conveyor electronic assembly conveyor is a slow speed conveyor system, using a chain or pulley to pull two-way slow-speed independent conveyor trucks, on each independent conveyor truck with board Maze guide workers to assemble components. Workers standing on duty.


Electronic assembly conveyor

Circular conveyor for electronic assembly
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Electronic assembly conveyors always have requirements for high frames, tubes, lights, signal lights.


Viet Phat conveyor belts for electronic assembly often use aluminum profiles, stainless steel in grade 201, stainless steel 304 or powder coated iron. Capacity, load speed, electrical system and other specific requirements specified by the customer’s application requirements, Viet Phat designs and manufactures custom conveyors after surveying and consulting.


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