Fishbone plastic chain conveyor

Viet Phat Conveyor Belt introduces you to a rather unique, curved line, in Vietnamese language or "fishbone conveyor", in English language calls this line as Side Flexible Chain, and sometimes also called Fish Bone Chain.



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The herringbone plastic chain conveyor, or simply called the herringbone conveyor, is the line of conveyor running curving, the bottom has submerged wheels supporting curved running, reducing noise, reducing friction, minimizing dust generation due to friction between the plastic chain conveyor and the HDPE wear-resistant slide.


The herringbone plastic chain conveyor runs downwards

This conveyor line is often used in the dairy industry, along with the RT 114 conveyor line, also known as 114k450. Curved chain conveyor applications are quieter, less frictional, less dust generated than the 880 plastic chain conveyors (including 880 TAB, 880 MAG, 880 BEV with standard widths K250, K325, K450, K600, K750, K1000.)


The herringbone plastic chain conveyor runs from the bottom up

You see the illustration below to explain the specific properties of the herringbone conveyor. Usually the herringbone conveyor is used in curved applications in environments with very high requirements for food safety, which do not allow the generation of even the lowest levels of dust, such as manufacturing plants. Powdered milk, confectionery factories use flour, powdered foods, or food seasoning factories …


conveyor belt-bone-fish
Describe the characteristics and technical properties of the herringbone plastic chain conveyor
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The standard wide versions of this herringbone plastic chain conveyor, also called this herringbone conveyor are as follows: 44mm, 63mm, 83mm, 103mm, 140mm, 175mm, 295mm. You notice that the standard width version of this chain is different from the standard width of the plastic chain conveyor series 880, Viet Phat conveyor belt mentioned above.


One more point to note, when designing the rib cage and the belt conveyor, the two lines of chain conveyor running 880 TAB and the herringbone conveyor have the same structure TAB (anti-roll against the chain when bent due to the radial force of the face. but the size specifications of the TAB under the bottom of the chain conveyor are different, so they cannot run together. When designing, there must be specifications and drawings (or samples) for the design of the frame and conveyor flexors.


 The herringbone plastic chain conveyor has standard widths: 44mm, 63mm, 83mm, 103mm, 140mm, 175mm, 295mm
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In case you need to load the material uphill, downhill, or increase the belt surface friction, you can use a rubber face herringbone chain conveyor. The sample is illustrated below:


herringbone plastic chain conveyor
The herringbone plastic chain conveyor processes rubber or silicon according to customer requirements
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