Flat top chain conveyor

Canned drink conveyor are used in beer and wine, beverage industries. It normally made of flat top chain, plastic or stainless steel, and the normally used item codes are as below: 880 K325, 880 TAB K325, 820 K325, 812 K325 and 881 TAB K325.




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Canned drink conveyor

880 K325, 880 TAB K325, 820 K325, 812 K325 and 881 TAB K325 are the item code of very commonly used flat top chain conveyor in Vietnam. Flat top chain conveyor used to be imported to Vietnam’s food and baverage factories. These days, it is fabricated locally. Viet Phat Conveyor JSC is one of leading flat top chain conveyor maker in Vietnam


The video shows a flat top chain conveyor that Viet Phat Conveyor JSC has fabricated for Sai Gon Beer Factory in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam


Sai Gon beer flat top chain conveyor system fabricated by Viet Phat Conveyor JSC in Kien Giang, Vietnam


Viet Phat Conveyor JSC has also provides with all kinds of flat top chain, that are imported from Movex – Italia and Hong’s Belt – China. Viet Phat Conveyor JSC has the largest stock of flat top chain in all over Vietnam. We provide consultance in both flat top chain conveyor fabrication and flat top chain chain-use.


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