Guide to change plastic conveyor belts

Viet Phat Conveyor Belt shares with you the points of attention when replacing the plastic conveyor belts currently in use. There are two methods. One is to replace the same plastic conveyor belt with the same manufacturer. The second is to replace other conveyor belts that are locally assembled to be cheaper and more convenient to use. Each method has different points of interest.



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In the process of using plastic conveyor belts, over time the plastic conveyor belts need to be replaced. Viet Phat Conveyor Belt shares with you the following article, guiding the points to pay attention to when replacing plastic conveyor belts. There are two ways to change the plastic conveyor belt: 1. Replace the correct code, correct product code of the old manufacturer; 2. To completely replace the used plastic conveyor belt with a new one with the right application features and equivalent quality, at a better price.




With deep understanding of plastic conveyor belts, we can replace one line of plastic conveyors with another plastic conveyor belt that is still suitable for technical application and much more cost-effective. However, most of you are not assured when using another conveyor line, so you want to use the exact line of conveyor belts you are using.


Plastic conveyor belt catalog


Unlike plastic chain conveyor with product codes with international general technical specifications, each manufacturer has a product code and a different design. Even the product models of each line also change different designs. Consequently, when you want to replace, the conveyor belt line of any company must go exactly with that conveyor line of that firm. When there is a product code identification error, the plastic conveyor belt ordered cannot be installed and run on the old conveyor system.


plastic chain conveyor
You come across this similar line of conveyor belts called plastic chain conveyors. Don’t worry, just flip the bottom of the belt. International standard product code on the bottom of the chain.
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Especially, plastic conveyors often have to order raw materials imported from abroad. When there is a technical error, basically we are very difficult to have a solution, including from the user side, the import business unit, and also from the manufacturer.


Intralox plastic conveyor belts
Intralox plastic conveyor belts, often replaced, must be imported from genuine foreign Intralox.

Viet Phat Conveyor Belt shares with you how to read the product code to replace the plastic conveyor belt as follows.


With the plastic conveyor belt you are using, you flip the bottom of the plastic conveyor belt. Usually, major manufacturers print their brands and product codes on the bottom of conveyors. If there is a product code on the bottom of the belt, you only need to read the product code, measure the length of the conveyor belt you are using to be able to order suppliers.


With running conveyor sprockets, you measure the size of the round or square shaft hole, the shaft hole size, with key or not, count the number of teeth and measure the diameter of the sprocket, along with the product code you can order. .


Movex plastic conveyor
Movex plastic conveyor belt, the company ranked second in the world in brand name after Intralox. Products of equivalent quality, but importing raw materials to Vietnam is more expensive than Intralox. Since the Movex factory is in Italy, the Intralox factory is in Shanghai, the cost of shipping Intralox’s air freight is cheaper than Movex.

In case you cannot find the manufacturer’s product code printed on the bottom of the plastic conveyor belt, carefully measure the following parameters, take a picture of the top and bottom of the conveyor belt in use, and then transfer it to the tape unit. Professional downloads they define the item to help.


The conveyor chain step is from the center of the plastic company to the serial plastic company. The following basic pitches are usually available: 12.7mm, 19.02mm, 25.4mm, 27.2mm, 38.1mm and 50.8mm.
Thickness of conveyor belt.
Photo of conveyor surface design above and below.
Horizontal step of a conveyor eye.
And best of all, if possible, you remove one eye of the conveyor and send the conveyor units professionally, so that they can identify the conveyor production material for you. Usually, there are three main lines of plastic conveyor material: POM, PP, PE.

Hongs Belt plastic conveyor belts
Hong’s Belt plastic conveyor belt, the leading plastic conveyor company in China, is very good quality and has been verified internationally, and the price is quite … affordable. Hong’s Belt products have assembled goods in Vietnam.
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Usually, you use this type of plastic conveyor belt to replace it with a relatively deep technical knowledge about the conveyor application, and often use locally assembled conveyors instead.


Convenient reasons for using locally assembled plastic conveyors instead include:


The same application, the same quality, the price is usually at least half cheaper.
Delivery time is only one to two days.
Practical maintenance warranties, as 100% spare parts are always available. Importing foreign parts for immediate maintenance is not possible, as accessories are not available.
It is easy to replace spare parts later when the warranty period is over because they are always available. Just buy some more conveyor belt, ty, lock … is to install and use the plastic conveyor belt. Plastic conveyor belts that import parts from abroad do not have spare parts available. The life of domestically assembled plastic conveyor belt is usually 05 years, assembly and replacement of accessories prolong the use time up to seven or eight years, until the plastic material is really aging, forced to be replaced.
Usually you get it

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