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1. Brief history of formation and development of Hongsbelt conveyor belt manufacturer;

2. Viet Phat conveyor belts are one of the sales representatives of Hongsbelt in Vietnam;

3. Conveyor belts and other related products, complementary to Hosngbelt’s conveyors;

4. The specific characteristics of the Hongsbelt plastic conveyor belt;

5. The applications of various conveyor belts and accessories.


Conveyor Belt Manufacturer Hongsbelt is a conveyor belt manufacturer in China but is one of the most reputable conveyor belts in the international market.


Open face plastic conveyor belt run straight Hongsbelt brand.

Along with plastic chain conveyor, stainless steel chain, other related accessories of the company, Hongsbelt plastic conveyor belt is increasingly widely used in and outside China. Up to now, Hongsbelt conveyor’s products have covered all continents from America, Europe, Asia, Australia, particularly countries such as: USA, Brazil, UK, France, and Greece. Greece, India, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malyasia, Australia … It can be said that plastic conveyor belts are the main product line of Hongsbelt conveyor belt manufacturer.


Viet Phat Conveyor Belt is one of the most prestigious and largest sales representatives of Hongsbelt conveyor belt manufacturer in Vietnam.


Few people know that, although Hongsbelt started its establishment in 1999, and in 2000 did not start a workshop to manufacture and manufacture various types of conveyors and related conveyor accessories, until now Hongsbelt has There are over 100 sales representatives around the world. With a team of internationally qualified engineering and engineering engineers, a large and highly skilled workforce, a large factory, good leadership, raw materials and supplies are very selective. The technique is usually imported from well-known and reputable suppliers of materials and materials from the US and Europe, in addition to the after-sales service, very good technical consulting, always innovating, improving and promoting and exploring the line of plastic conveyors as well as other product lines of Hongsbelt, which are gradually dominating and expanding the market in the world.


20 years of establishment, efforts and development, Hongsbelt has made a breakthrough and affirmed its brand name and prestige in the world and made large conveyor belts such as Intralox, System Plast, Habasit … must see the Hongsbelt brand as one of the prestigious international brands, although it is a Chinese product, made in China, but this is one of the most comparable brands of conveyor belts. with them about quality, technical requirements, always innovating, improving, both in customer service and after sales process.


Gray plastic conveyor belts.

Unlike other conveyor manufacturers, a special feature of Hongsbelt conveyors is that almost all of the products that the company makes always have to print the conveyor manufacturer’s brand: Hongsbelt, or Hongs or HS. the same product code, for example: HS-100A, HS-103B-HD … While other conveyor manufacturers may also print their brands and logos on the products they produce, and may not print when the customer requests.


Each product code of the company represents a separate product line. For example, the product code HS-900A, HS-900B, HS-900C or HS-901D, HS-902D, have the same eye pitch of 50.8 but the surface texture is completely different. And each line of these plastic conveyor belts has its own specified color gamut, it can be the same color but it can also be different color or have this product line of plastic conveyor belt with this color but other plastic conveyor lines have not that color and vice versa again.


Viet Phat Conveyor is proud to be one of the best suppliers, sales representatives and technical consultants in Vietnam, not only for Hongsbelt conveyor belt manufacturer but also for the world’s leading conveyors such as INTRALOX, MOVEX, HABASIT … you can refer to the video below.


With high expertise, good and enthusiastic consulting technical team, ability to sell and import a lot, Viet Phat conveyor belts now not only receive the best subsidies, receive services. the fastest goods with the best quality and an invitation to cooperate as an official sales representative from the above conveyors. Viet Phat conveyor belts can request the Hongsbelt conveyor belt manufacturer to produce the color gamut according to customer requirements.


Curved open-faced plastic conveyor belts of Hongsbelt.

Like the lines of conveyor belts and other conveyor-related accessories of other conveyor manufacturers, Hongsbelt divides its conveyor belts and accessories into main lines such as:


Plastic conveyor belts: Including closed-face plastic conveyor belts, open-face plastic conveyors, combed-running conveyors (rib lines), straight-running plastic conveyors, curved plastic conveyors, smooth surface plastic conveyors , surface plastic conveyor belt perforated, surface plastic conveyor is combined

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