How to calculate the pitch P of the standard chains

How to calculate the pitch P of the standard chains? As we specialize in chain conveyors, we memorize the chain steps for each slug chain. However, not all of you. And you always have to be careful, look up the technical data sheet of the chain to check the chain step P. We share with you how to calculate the absolute precision, fast, neat, fast, standard, easy to remember as follows :



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Viet Phat Belt Conveyor shares with you how to calculate the chain step from the standard code of slug chain, absolute accuracy, fast, neat, fast, standard, easy to remember as follows:


You take the chain code of the slug, remove the number 0, divide it by 8, and multiply it by the factor 25.4 to be the coefficient of inches, and you will step into the standard chain of the chain. You see the example illustration of the chain C60 of Viet Phat Conveyor, in which Viet Phat Conveyor has listed the formula, set the example and gave the specific calculation for you to compare and reference.



An example of the standard P chain calculation of any standard chain from a chain code is available (in Vietnamese)


Below is a standard specification of chain chains commonly used in conveyor belt design. You can try to apply the above mental formula to calculate the pitch of each slug chain code to see if it is correct. You only need to apply once to remember: chain code -> remove the number 0 -> divide 8 -> multiply 25.4 -> out the standard P chain of the chain code in millimeters.


Bảng thông số kỹ thuật các mã xích sên cơ bản hay sử dụng trong thiết kế băng tải. Các bạn có thể tính nhẩm để đối chiếu công thức.

Table of specifications for basic slug chain codes commonly used in conveyor design. You can do arithmetic to compare the formula.

Viet Phat Conveyor hope the recipe is useful for you. You can see more articles about the technical knowledge of Viet Phat Conveyor belts at the sharing link below:

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