Intralox plastic conveyor belts

Intralox conveyor belts due to brand reputation and top quality in the world are so many counterfeits. Viet Phat Conveyor belts share how to read the parameters of conveyors and order methods to buy genuine Intralox conveyors in the article below.



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Intralox conveyor company, the first conveyor belt invented plastic conveyor belt in the world, the quality of goods and after-sales service are always top of the world. Due to the quality and prestige of Intralox in the plastic conveyor industry, which is always the leading and unique position in the industry, Intralox plastic conveyor belts in Vietnam (Vietnam) are very often counterfeited. Viet Phat Conveyor belts later will have specific instructions, detailing how to distinguish genuine Intralox plastic conveyor belts and imitation Intralox plastic conveyors.


Some samples of Intralox plastic conveyor belts

The following article, Viet Phat Conveyor Belt lists the basic standards of the main products of Intralox, along with the technical criteria, along with the most basic elements to order genuine Intralox products that are not counterfeit products, to for your reference.


Intralox conveyor belts name the lines of series, each series relating to a pitch chain (in English, called Pitch, or abbreviated by the symbol P, or the parameter P in technical drawings). These steps were later the standard for all other plastic conveyor belt manufacturers to follow, even though product lines could be named by different codes.

Series 100: 25.4mm pitch

Series 200: Chain pitch 50.8mm

Series 400: 50.8mm pitch

Series 800: Chain pitch 50.8mm

Series 900: 27.2mm pitch

Series 1100: Chain pitch 15.2mm

Series 1200: Chain pitch 36.6mm

Series 1400: Chain pitch 25.4mm

Series 1500: 12.7mm pitch

Series 1700: Chain pitch 38.1mm

Series 1800: Chain pitch 63.5mm

Series 2000: Chain pitch 38.1mm

Series 2200: Chain pitch 38.1mm

Series 2400: 25.4mm pitch

Series 2600: Chain pitch 50.8mm

Series 3000: Chain pitch 50.8mm

Series 4000: Chain pitch 25.4mm


You will notice that multi-series Intralox conveyor belts have the same P-pitch. The series of products with the same sprocket with different names and applications will be different. You can contact Intralox’s sales representatives in Vietnam such as Viet Phat Conveyor for more detailed advice on product application.


The second factor in the Intralox conveyor code is the design of the conveyor belt, the same parameters as the conveyor material, the buckle, the ty, the belt opening, the belt surface texture, the belt bottom texture, the chain sprocket texture. … Viet Phat Conveyor Belt lists some basic structures below. Because the application of plastic conveyor belts is so much and plentiful, Viet Phat Conveyor Belt cannot list all, just list some common structures that you often meet. You see the pictures below:

Flush Grid, Raised Rib, Flat Top, Mesh Top


Perforated Flat Top, Open Grid, Friction, Open Hinge for Intralox conveyor lines


Intralox Conveyors for Non-skid, Embedded Diamond, Mini Rib, Roller Top

Intralo plastic conveyor belts are designed with Corn Top, Nub Top, and some specific texture lines according to customers’ specific applications.

Plastic material factors: Intralox is at the forefront of the research on plastic conveyor materials, so the suitable range of plastic materials for each application is extremely rich. Viet Phat Conveyor belt only lists 03 most popular plastic materials, corresponding to the temperature range of each material:

Polypropylene, referred to as PP, is temperature resistant from 1 degree C to 104 degrees Celsius.

Polyacetal, called acetal for short, is a material with similar properties but more advanced than Polyoxymetylene, called POM for short, and is heat resistant from -46 degrees C to 93 degrees Celsius.

Polyethylene, referred to as PE, is heat resistant -73 degrees C to 66 degrees Celsius.


You should pay attention, to avoid buying counterfeit Intralox conveyor belts that appear a lot on the market in Vietnam, you should contact the dealers directly in Vietnam of Intralox such as Viet Phat Conveyors, with distributor code. (supplier code) issued by Intralox itself, trained by Intralox in technical advice, to receive product advice and to order genuine products.


In Vietnam (Vietnam), when ordering Intralox plastic conveyor belts through Viet Phat Conveyors, we will:


Provide complete and accurate advice on technical and application requirements of Intralox conveyors;
Directly sharing original quotes from Intralox for Viet Phat Conveyors with distributor code (code of supplier) provided by Intralox (Viet Phat is entitled to special agent prices);
Register your company name with Intralox, let Intralox enter the global customer tracking system data, make sure you receive aftersales service directly from Intralox;
Each product you order from Intralox, Intralox will provide you with a separate product code, your own for that product, both for warranty, maintenance, after-sales service, and code making. reference products so that at any later time you can order a replacement product with only that product code, through any official representative of Intralox, not just Viet Phat Conveyor;
Viet Phat Conveyor Believe that goods from Intralox will deliver the goods to you in full, raw and parcel

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