Plastic chain conveyor 1873 series

Viet Phat conveyor belts share the operation method of chain 1873, made of POM material, mounted on D-shaped silions with bottle clamps, and directly drive chain. Contact: 0933235588.



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Conveyor Belt Viet Phat shares with you about 1873 chain conveyor.


POM series 1873 plastic chain conveyor, bottom side mounted slug chain, upper side mounted D-shaped silicone handle

Chain conveyor 1873, sometimes referred to as 1873D because of the upper D-shaped silicon accessory structure, is a plastic chain with a chain link underneath, and a rubber face screwed on the chain above. , the application is not horizontal load on the plane like conventional chain conveyors, but vertical load, bottle clamping from two sides, pulling up the slope.




The slope of the 1873 chain conveyor can be 45 degrees, also can be vertical. The clip above describes the principle of application of chain conveyor 1873. Depending on the manufacturer’s name, some firms call the 1873 chain conveyor only with the chain and chain below, not including the silicone bottle clamp above. , and call chain conveyor fitted with bottle clamp silicon accessory is 1873D chain conveyor. Some firms call the 1873 chain conveyor directly a chain conveyor that already has a silicon accessory attached.


The drawing of the diagram below Viet Phat Conveyor provides a quick consultation on a partner company to design a conveyor belt that clamps beer cans up 45 degrees, up from the factory floor to the mezzanine floor, 3m long. The inlet and outlet are conveyors using the 820-K325 plastic chain conveyor, the uphill bottle conveyor section uses the 1873 chain conveyor, the forward section uses 151 and 152 transition rollers.


The most basic design uses 1873 chain conveyor to clamp beer cans uphill, two feed dischargers are 820 K325m, using 151 and 153 transition rollers.

The bottle clamp fittings are screwed faceless on the conveyor, the cross-section is D-shaped (so sometimes this line is also called 1873D plastic chain conveyor), available in blue, white, black, normal materials make silicone tapes and sometimes rubber.


Below is the specifications of the 1873 chain conveyor


1873 plastic chain conveyor specifications, sometimes also called 1873D plastic chain conveyor

Some pictures of plastic chain conveyor 1873 / 1873D provided by Viet Phat Conveyor:


1873 plastic chain conveyor attached to green silicon, stainless steel chain SUS 304


1873 plastic chain conveyor attached to white silicon at Viet Phat Conveyor belt warehouse

1873 plastic chain conveyor with black rubber side at Viet Phat Conveyor warehouse

If you have request for consultation on design of conveyor belts, use uphill conveyor belts, please contact Viet Phat Conveyor Technical P.: 0933235588. Thank you for reading sharing articles!

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