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High-end mobile conveyor belts specialized in the food processing industry




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Typical independent conveyor belts, applied in the food processing industry, loading bulk and bulk cargoes, such as flour, peanuts, corn, cashews, snacks, small fruit … Conveyor design is as follows:


food conveyors
Back of portable conveyor with material discharge chute
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The front of the conveyor belt has 304 stainless steel trough.


The conveyor belt is made of food-grade PU (Polyurethane), supplied by Reveyron from France. In Vietnam, there are also a number of other food specialty PU conveyor belts, but not many, and often have counterfeit products. Conveyor belts Viet Phat can also choose according to customers’ specifications, or advise more affordable conveyors than those imported from France by Reveyron.


Conveyor belt always has a vane, the effect of conveying material up high.


The frame of the conveyor belt is processed at Viet Phat Conveyor Factory, made of 304 stainless steel. The frame can also change the material as specified by the customer.


Conveyor leg frame is processed at Viet Phat Conveyor Factory, made of aluminum frame, mounted with mobile wheels. The conveyor foot frame is also able to change the material according to the customer’s specification.


Conveyors always have a feed chute, collect bulk cargoes to transfer onto the conveyor belt, and a discharge chute to convey the material to the second conveyor system in the plant production system. The feeding trough and the drain pan are made of 304 stainless steel.


Conveyor gearbox geared motor design, using Citi, Nord, or Transmax, 03-phrase, capacity 01 HP, gear ratio 1:30. Motor may change supplier or brand according to customer’s specification. 304 stainless steel control cabinet, usually fitted with an inverter to adjust the speed.


This line of conveyor belts Viet Phat is designed to run 01 way.


If you are interested in this food conveyor line, you can contact Viet Phat’s hotline number: 0933235588/0912136739, or contact the Viet Phat Conveyor facilities directly at after:


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