Being known for its small size, an average PVC mini conveyor belt is 500 mm long and 400 mm wide approximately. It’s cheap, flexible and easy to fabricate. Besides, PVC mini conveyor is applicable in almost all kind of industries and almost all parts of production systems. Here below Viet Phat Conveyor JSC shares some main features about PVC mini conveyor belt.




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PVC mini conveyor is small as it is so-called, so they can be quickly and easily fabricated. Here in Vietnam, we Viet Phat Conveyor JSC can complete a full set of PVC mini conveyor within two or three days after receiving the order.


There are some basic parts of a PVC belt mini conveyor that is normally used in Vietnam:

  • Shaped aluminium are cut into different lengths to fabricate the conveyor frame body. Stainless steel can also be used to fabricate conveyor frame body, but they are less beautiful in apperance than aluminium. Besides, conveyor aluminium frame body is much cost-efficient than conveyor stainless steel frame in term of labor costs. For example, it take 01 worker in Vietnam approximately from 1.5 to 02 days to complete a conveyor stailess steel frame, but it actually take him only one or two hours to make it with aluminium.  


  • Gear motor in PVC belt mini conveyor is usually small HP, with the wattage of around 120w to 200w. Normally in Vietnam, when Viet Phat Conveyor JSC fabrcates PVC mini conveyor, we use gear motors of following brands: Sew, Sumitomo, Siemens, Citi, Transmax, Dolin, Liming, Tatung, etc.


  • PVC belts are most popularly used in fabricating mini conveyor. We in Vietnam use PVC belt from Denmark (Ammeraal Beltech) and the US (SpanTech). PVC belts have the range of thickness of 02mm, 03mm, 05mm and 08mm; however, the PVC belt used in PVC mini conveyor are 100% of 02-mm thickness. The width of PVC mini conveyor is ranged from 250mm to 400mm, and the most popular color of PVC belt in Vietnam is green.
In order to move the products on slope areas, we use V-tendor PVC conveyor belt like this.


Note: PVC belts are replaced with PU belts in some food-graded applications. Using PVC belts in food-used applications may cause cancer because of its material.


PU belts in this case are more expensive than PVC belts, but it is safe. PVC belt is not.


In Vietnam, PU producer can provide only PU belts of the thickness of less than 1.4mm. For thicker-than-1.4mm PU belts, conveyor makers in Vietnam have to import from overseas.


PU conveyor belt


PVC mini conveyor sometimes can be, indeed, very mini. In some case, it needs one leg frame to stand still. The below video shows one of that kind of conveyor. The PVC belt min conveyor in the video is around only 500 milimeters long.


PVC belt mini conveyor is one of the most used kind of PVC conveyor. We can see PVC belt mini conveyor in almost all factories of all kind of industries. Here are some mini conveyor belts that Vietphat JSC constructed for factories in Vietnam:

A worker of Vietphat testing the conveyor before shiping it to the customers.

In order to move the products up to higher places, the PVC bars are sticked into the PVC belt, preventing the products from falling backwards.

For some advanced applications, curved PVC belt conveyor is used to change the direction of the products (usually 90 – 180 degrees). Since it’s difficult to design và to fabricate, process of making it may take weeks. Not many conveyor makers in Vietnam can make curved conveyor, but here in Vietphat JSC, we are able to complete it in……




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