Roller conveyor

Viet Phat Conveyors design and manufacture all kinds of roller conveyors including: common roller conveyors, ball roller conveyors, conveyors with aluminum frames, 304 stainless steel frames or powder coated steel frames, plastic roller, stainless steel roller, plastic roller ball cup, stainless steel roller ball cup, ball roller, rubber coated roller, PU coated roller, taper roller …




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Viet Phat Mechanical Conveyor Workshop, designs and manufactures roller conveyors and processes rollers according to required specifications


Roller conveyors are just a small line in many conveyor lines, but the application of rollers to other conveyor lines is many. There are two main lines of roller conveyors. One is free roller conveyor, without motor, propulsion by manpower or free drift slope of conveyor. The second is the transmission roller conveyor, attaching the gear motor, connecting the transmission between the rollers by chain mechanism or belt. Both free roller conveyor and roller drive conveyor can be manufactured in a stacking format, known as stacking roller conveyor.


The clusters of folding roller conveyors, which can be flexibly produced by the next meter, are designed and manufactured by Viet Phat Conveyors.


The scaling ratio of the folding roller conveyor, also known as the flexible roller conveyor, averages about 1: 2, or two meters that can be pulled into one meter.


Both the free roller conveyor and the drive roller can be produced as a 90 degree, 180 degree curvature conveyor according to actual application requirements at the factory or integrated system with other conveyors.



Producing rollers at Viet Phat Conveyor Mechanical Factory


Viet Phat Conveyors, as well as other professional conveyors manufacturers, are self-processing for the production of rollers at the machining workshop, both specializing in the production of free roller conveyors and roller conveyors, both to manufacture components for the manipulation of other conveyors.


curved angle roller conveyor
Design and manufacture of curved angle transmission roller conveyors at Viet Phat Conveyor


When designing a curved angle roller conveyor, there are two mechanisms that use a curved roller: the straight roller and the taper roller. Curved angle conveyors can run 90 degrees or 190 degrees, and using a taper roller is quieter than using a straight roller. The curved angle roller conveyor constructions are all roller drive structures.


Conveyor taper angle roller conveyor
A design of 180 degree curved angle roller conveyor with conical roller designed by Viet Phat Conveyor, application of oil vapor loading for Toshiba Dong Nai factory

Application roller conveyors are very broad, and most applications involve box loading, packaging loading, bulk loading, and also very well at the end of a production line, after the product has been boxed.


Folding roller conveyor, also known as flexible roller conveyor, is designed and manufactured at Viet Phat Conveyor
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A sample of folding roller conveyor that can be mobile and flexibly conveyed in a curvature angle at Viet Phat Conveyor Factory


The video below shows a free roller conveyor with a moderate load slope, enough that the medium weight carton box loading product can slide freely on the roller conveyor side without any worker action. . The roller conveyor in the demonstration video is made at Viet Phat Conveyor Mechanic workshop, with a retractable design similar to radio antennas or binoculars. The technical term for this conveyor line design is a telescope conveyor (telescope means telescope, which describes the shrinkage mechanism of the conveyor.) However, the belt in the video is just a free roller conveyor, and the telescope conveyor structure is just the design to assist the user to stow the conveyor belt and save the warehouse space when not using the conveyor.



Test the conveyor belt freely downhill conveyor products at Viet Phat Conveyor mechanic workshop. Free roller conveyor in the video is designed in the form of telescope conveyor, cage belt is interlocked when not in use, saving workshop area.



roller conveyor
A shipment of roller conveyor belts produced by Viet Phat Conveyors at the factory, not assembled into a conveyor belt, used in packaging printing industry.

The roller conveyor is mainly roller-operated as its name suggests. Materials used to manufacture rollers are also very rich: steel, stainless steel in grade 201, stainless steel 304, POM plastic, high molecular grade HDPE, rubber, rubber coated steel, PU coated steel … Mechanical workshop specializes in processing and manufacturing rollers according to customer specifications and material requirements.


roller conveyor
Roller conveyor with a racking mechanism pushes the loaded product to another conveying line

The roller conveyor has two operating mechanisms. The first line is the free roller conveyor, the rollers rotate freely through the bearing contact connected to the frame, the load runs on the conveyor due to the slope or the impact of the worker. The second line is the transmission roller conveyor, the rollers are driven by a geared motor traction, the load speed can be adjusted through the stepless inverter, and the actuator is by chain and sprocket at both ends. each roller on the conveyor.


Drive roller conveyor, driven by a disc sprocket system on each roller and slug, running the geared motor, connected with the green PVC conveyor into a system according to the specifications of the customer.

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