Rubber-faced herringbone chain conveyor

Rubber-faced herringbone chain conveyor is a line of herringbone chain conveyor, rubber lining top to increase the friction of material load, many applications in downhill loading system



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About the herringbone plastic chain conveyor, Viet Phat Conveyor has an article to share the application and specifications at the following link: herringbone plastic chain conveyor. This article, Viet Phat Conveyor Belt also shares an application of rubberized herringbone plastic chain conveyor.


herringbone plastic chain conveyor
Sample of herringbone plastic chain conveyor

The herringbone plastic chain conveyor adds a rubber surface to increase the contact friction between the conveyor and the material loading, and also allows the minimum curvature of the belt to be significantly smaller than that of the curved plastic chain conveyor. popular as line 880 TAB.


plastic chain conveyor
103mm wide rubber face herringbone plastic chain conveyor

Increased rubber surface on herringbone chain conveyor, strong, stable, with large load, suitable for up and down slope design in conveyor system.


plastic chain conveyor
Upper and lower sides of a rubberized herringbone plastic chain conveyor

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