Spiral herringbone chain conveyor

A spiral conveyor, also called a spiral conveyor, is often used to convey material from the upper floor to the lower floor or vice versa, the main purpose is to save space of the factory. In fact, this conveyor line is not really popular in factories in Vietnam.



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Viet Phat Conveyors introduce to you the spiral conveyor line, in English term or called Sprial Conveyor. The main application of this conveyor line is the transfer load to high, down, downstairs, upstairs, and requires very little use of the workshop space. This conveyor line is also sometimes used in cooling applications in the baking process or food in the food processing industry.


bang tai
Spiral conveyor model, usually using plastic conveyor belt or plastic chain conveyor
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This conveyor line often uses conveyor belts that are plastic conveyors or plastic chain conveyors. The requirement for conveyor belts is always curved plastic conveyor belt and curved plastic chain conveyor, also known as side-flexing modular belt or side-flexing flat top chain.


herringbone chain conveyor
The conveyor belt runs with a spiral, using a herringbone chain, designed and manufactured by Viet Phat Conveyor, for export products.
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The above picture shows a spiral conveyor using a curved herringbone chain conveyor, with a standard width of 103mm. You can refer to this herringbone plastic chain conveyor at the link below:




Bang tai Xich down ca
The herringbone plastic chain conveyor with standard widths is commonly used 43mm, 63mm, 83mm and 103mm
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Above is a picture of herringbone plastic chain conveyor for your reference.


squash ear
Spiral conveyor belt uses chain 882 K100, designed and manufactured by Viet Phat Conveyor
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The above picture depicts a spiral conveyor belt using a 882 TAB K1000 line of curved plastic chain conveyor, white, food-safe PP plastic, with standard width 254mm. You can refer to the curved chain conveyor belt line 880 TAB and 882 TAB at the link below:




Notice that with this line of curved plastic chain conveyors, item number 880 TAB will be available from the wide version K325 to the wide version K450, which means the width version is 82.6 mm to the width 114.3 mm. From the wide version of the plastic chain conveyor K600 upwards, the product code is changed to 882 TAB. The reason, 882 TAB series designed the bottom of the curved plastic chain conveyor to pull heavier load, will not be able to run on the 880 TAB plastic chain conveyor sprocket because the operation leads to the chain jump phenomenon due to overload.


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