Upward Conveyor

Those upward and downward conveyor normally requires a special type of belt surface, and in most cases, the surface is to prevent conveying product from sliding downward.




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Upload conveyors are normally with flight to present products from sliding down



In order to prevent conveyed products from sliding down, the belt surface of the upward, and also downward, conveyor are normall not flat. The surface somehow must be different from flat top type to increase frictions. You can see the picture below for few design of the surface of the PVC belt that are used in upward conveyors.



This is one sample of upward conveyor. 01 upward conveyor to 01 hanging 90 degree curved conveyor, to a flat PVC conveyor. All are PVC belt.


The above youtube video is showing one upload PVC conveyor, in which the upload conveyor is with high friction surface of the PVC belt. The other two conveyor of curved PVC belt and streight PVC belt is with  normal flat top PVC belt.




PVC belt surface that is used in upload PVC conveyor


It is good also for V-shaped flight that is used in upward conveyor. The most commonly seen V-shaped fligh is in the application of rubber belt and PVC belt. Not to let conveyed products slide down, normally the upward angle is less than 30 degrees.


V shaped rubber belt used for upload conveyor, very commonly seen in Western Provinces of Vietnam, conveying rice bags
V shaped flight PVC belt conveyor fabricated in Hochiminh City, Vietnam, by Viet Phat Conveyor JSC.


The below video shows one conveyor system, in which there is a an upward V shapped flight rubber belt. It is conveying fruit from the ground floor to the 1st floor, using V shape flight rubber belt coveyor, then to curved roller conveyor, then to streight PVC belt conveyor.


Upward conveyor belt conveying fruit from ground floor to 1st floor, using V-shapped flight rubber belt conveyor


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