White PU conveyor belt and white rubber belt seal with molded border

White PU conveyor belt and white rubber belt seal with molded border



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In Vietnam, in fact, it is very rare for customers to request a conveyor belt for sealing the border. So this article is for sharing and technical reference more than practical application.



Imported white rubber conveyor belts

Closed border conveyor belts are usually white rubber belts, white PVC conveyor belts (rarely seen), and white PU conveyors, used in environments requiring very high requirements for food safety and hygiene, especially the environment if water or steam is present.


As described below, white rubber conveyor belt, white PVC conveyor belt, normal food safety white PU conveyor that has food safety structural material, but produced in rolls, imported to Vietnam. according to standard standards. When coming to Vietnam, the units provide cutting and pressing conveyor belts according to customer specifications. The surface of the conveyor belt is fine, but the edge of the belt is always exposed to the layer. This gap permeates water, and serves as a breeding ground for microorganisms. In fact, the anti-microbiology when using conveyors in food safety and hygiene in the industrial food processing industry is to prevent micro-organisms, not micro-organisms, and the opening of the border layer of conveyors is the opposite of principles of food hygiene and safety.


The figure outlined below shows a belt conveyor closed.


With rubber conveyor belts, conveyors that meet food safety and hygiene requirements are usually white, and are often molded on the edge of the order according to specifications. That is, the manufacturer of the food safety white rubber conveyor belt receives the application according to the length, thickness, width, number of layers, EP index of each layer … and then they cast the white rubber conveyor belt with closed border. according to required specifications. The weakness is often that the cost of this type of conveyor belt is quite expensive, and when the quantity of orders is small, the foreign conveyor belt manufacturer often does not want to accept the order.


There are one or two factories in Vietnam that can produce general black rubber conveyor belts, but cannot produce food safe white rubber belts. The reason is not the problem of the difficult color of the material, it is the problem of the small quantity of goods, it takes a long time to order, they have the problem of mold washing. Capital molding designed for casting a black rubber conveyor belt is more demanding. If you want to continue casting the white rubber conveyor belt, you must wash the mold very carefully, very tired. And very often happens that after casting, the white rubber conveyor becomes the… patchy… rubber conveyor belt.


Foreign manufacturers have their own white rubber conveyor belt production line, which does not have this mold washing step.


Is the black rubber conveyor belt safe for food hygiene? The answer is yes. But the Vietnamese market does not actually have state management sanctions, so it is too confused. Customers often cannot distinguish between two types of black rubber conveyor belts and black rubber used in food. The cost of the two types of conveyors is 2 to 2.5 times apart. And always ask why? Viet Phat conveyor belts that answered this question too much were… scared and tired, and no longer dared to stock up on food safety black rubber conveyor belts. When customers have demand, Viet Phat Conveyors import raw materials.


Next is the white PVC conveyor belt. Also rarely seen cases of white PVC conveyor belt sealing the edge. The reason is that the PVC conveyor belt is an inexpensive, universal material conveyor, while the edge sealing often requires high level of food hygiene and safety, and the conveyor designers often use it. white PU conveyor belt.


The picture below describes how to seal the edge of a white PU conveyor belt. The manufacturer has a specialized blade that separates a very small, thin layer of the belt edge. They then used the same material on the side of the conveyor belt, creating a thin and small string that fits snugly against the edge separator. Split knife, wire, conveyor run in parallel, heat press the same material, cover the belt.


This principle applies to PVC conveyor belts, but PVC conveyors are too cheap, so almost no one has the need to press the PVC belt edge.


This equipment for the belt border presses is also not expensive. But stuck in the blade. Very small, very thin, or worn out, and must be changed continuously. Must be imported, cannot be produced in Vietnam. The market demand of this line conveyor is low, the investment cost is not worth it, so now the border conveyor belt is also 100% imported from foreign manufacturers.

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