Three kinds of conveyor 880 curved flat top chain

The curved plastic chain conveyor is named as the 880 plastic chain conveyor line. There are two types of wide plates for this plastic chain conveyor line, namely 880 K325 version 82.6mm wide and 880 K450 114.3mm wide version. Viet Phat Conveyor Belt has shared the article on how to read the names and codes of the plastic and stainless steel chains.


The 880 and 880TAB series plastic chain conveyor only popular 02 types of wide plates: K325 and K450


Different from the straight line 820 plastic chain conveyor belt, the 880 curved belt has heavier traction, so when moving to the wide version K600 (ie 152.4mm) or more, the 880 line changed to 882, the design of the bottom of the chain is wider to pull. heavier load. When you design conveyor belts that have to mill bent muscles and sprockets for curved plastic chain conveyors, you should pay attention to this point. The 880 series curvature and sprockets will not run the 882 series, which means that the 82.6mm and 114.3mm wide plates will not work for the 152.4mm wide and above. This is different from the 820 series plastic chain conveyor, the engine and sprocket run for all wide versions.



From the wide K600, ie 152.4mm or more, the 880 series plastic chain conveyor changed to the 882 series

When the 880 series plastic chain conveyor curves along the motor axis, there always exists an radial force that overturns the chain. There are three anti-roll methods located in the bottom design of the chain, which is the regulation of three lines of product code of the chain 880 plastic chain conveyor. For example, with the width K325 (ie 82.6mm), specifically:


880 K325 (Also write 880 BEV K325): Curved plastic chain conveyor

880 TAB K325: Curved plastic chain conveyor

880 MAG K325 (Also write 880M K325): Magnetic curved plastic chain conveyor.


The curvilinear structure of the 880 K325 series, running on bevelled edges, is as follows:



880 K325 plastic chain conveyor runs by beveled edge mechanism

The curvilinear structure of the 880 TAB K325 series, the plastic anti-roll chain mechanism (TAB itself means in English), as follows:


Băng tải 880 TAB chống lật xích bằng cơ cấu ngạp

TAB K325 880 TAB K325
880 TAB conveyor prevents the chain from turning over with a sprocket mechanism

Particularly, the 880 MAG K325 series, the structure is straight, does not hold the force equal to the bottom structure of the plastic chain conveyor, but by the magnetic attraction that is casted in the bent muscle.



880M series plastic chain conveyor (also called 880 MAG) prevents the chain from turning over with a magnetic mechanism

When you design the conveyor belt with this 880M plastic chain conveyor, which is usually applied to the high conveyor speed of 200 bottles / min, you should pay attention that the bent muscle must be the magnetized submerged cast strength, minimum 09 The new high-strength magnet keeps the chain running without tipping. Unlike inox chain conveyor that runs from magnetism, the casting magnet force submerged in the bent muscle attracts both the steel company and the conveyor surface, only 04 regular magnets are enough force, the 880M K325 plastic chain conveyor only sucks by the magnetic attraction. calculation of the steel company. For technical advice and to buy specialized curvature for this line, you contact Viet Phat Conveyor Technical Department: 0933235588. Buy plastic chain conveyors and other conveyor accessories, you contact P. Kinh Viet Phat Conveyor Belt: 0912136739 – 0898120039.


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